Gifts all the way in Africa

The children and I arrived safe and sound in Zambia, Africa right on time on June 10.  Happy reunion with Daddy!  Many things are different this year, some challenging and some good.  The most challenging aspect of this year has been not having internet at my fingertips, hence the absence on the blog.  I have been keeping a loose list of gifts in my wee little journal but I am WAY BEHIND.   The internet started becoming my friend again yesterday.  Happy.  Happy. Happy.


Internet!!!!  Oh how I depend on thee, especially when I am far from friends and family.  Yesterday was my birthday and somehow I was blessed with great internet!


Chatting with my Momma back in the states via Facebook instant messaging.  LOVED IT!!!  Had to get off to start cooking for 160 folks but am thankful for the communication.


42 years of life.  Gifts!


The husband and I BOTH were able to pull away from our crazy Saturday duties and celebrate my birthday yesterday!  His efforts blessed me beyond measure!!!


The husband had gifts from friends and family back home stashed away in his suitcase.  I felt the love!


Alone time with the hubby this afternoon on our front patio.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the cooler weather during Texas hot months.  People are always shocked to know that our summer months are actually winter months in Zambia.


Our sponsored child, Simon!



Our other special guy who lives at the Tree of Life, Temba.



The father of my children always amazes me!  I am beyond blessed to walk this journey of parenting with him!



The Lord has sustained me thus far with a positive attitude and strength to complete all the tasks set before me.  A lot of hard work around here!!!


Cup of coffee on the patio every morning.


Two summer staff girls have been assigned to help me in the kitchen.  LOVE IT!


Shopping at Sugar Bush and purchasing this…..



A little delayed but I consider my children’s education a HUGE gift.  In Africa, every child you meet LONGS to attend school.  They know it is life or death for them!


The educators in the lives of my children.




Pumpkin and my niece, Jordan, received the same award (one for 7th and one for 8th) for the school year.  A grand award and high honor. LOVE these girlies!



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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted June 24, 2013 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

    Such a wonderful list of gifts!!! Loved reading – thanks for sharing from your heart. Much love

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