Thursday is coming to an end very soon here in Africa.  The day has been good and full of gifts but did not go as expected!


Having doctors here doing camp is always a gift for the orphans AND us Americans.  I sliced my finger AGAIN yesterday and was worried that I might need stitches.  Nice to get a professional opinion.


Dermabond (spelling?) to close up my wound and NO stitches.  The two doctors told me that they had sutures but no anesthetics.  Dermabond is my new friend.


Summer staff!!!  The 14 college kiddos are precious and I have so enjoyed them.  This group will leave on Saturday and a new batch will quickly arrive to work the second half of camp.


My new sweet friend, Katie.  She could be my daughter but she has a precious soul and I so enjoy spending time with her.


The staff at our lodge has been amazing!


Teaching in a Zambian school!  Challenging and frustrating but I have been blessed to spend some time there this week.


A trip to immigration was smooth but not as productive as we had hoped (they were out of booklets to create our work visa).  We temporarily received 60 extra days in the country! 🙂


A large kitchen sink is grand and I am missing mine!


Record breaking auction last night!  My two hours of baking blessed MANY MANY children that attend a Lifeway Christian Academy here in Zambia.


My teaching training.


My school building back in Sunnyvale!


Surprise time with my husband while we moved about town figuring out our work visa.  We even had lunch out on a patio.  Loved time with him.








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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted June 28, 2013 at 6:53 pm | Permalink

    Another great report and awesome gifts! So very sorry about your finger, but how wonderful to be introduced to dermabond!!

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