Gifts from the village

Yesterday I was able to spend time out at our Children’s Village.  The children took off and roamed about freely visiting children of their choice.  I am not certain what they did or who they were with.  The village is fun and safe, and happy.  HOME.  It is HOME to 400 children.  HOME!!!  Do you know what that word means?!?!?!  I thought I did.  I am fully aware of what that means for me and what I hope it to be for my three children and husband BUT visiting the homes at the village makes that word come alive!  Rarely do I spend time down at the houses and rarely am I completely fancy free with the children.  Being fancy free opened up a few sights for me, gifts even.


I was walking towards the playground behind two children ahead of me who had sprinted to notify my Temba that I was searching for him.  I looked up to see my boy DASHING towards me.  The grin was huge.  The hug was bigger!  I will never tire of his greetings.


Dorcus hugging me then grabbing my hand tight as we moved about the land looking for some of my other sweet babies.


Older girls platting (braiding) younger girls’ hair.


Hundreds of pieces of clothing hanging on multiple clotheslines.


I asked Dorcus and Simon what the best part of living at the village was and they both quickly responded, “SCHOOL.” I am pleased that attending a school is the number one desire of almost every child in this country.  Even young children know it could be the difference between life and death.


I walked into Simon’s room and saw Boston, a 15 year old on his tummy surrounded by books.  He was intently studying for his 9th grade exams.  I sat next to him on the bed and he asked me to help him.  One of my favorite moments thus far this year!!!  Oh how I want that boy to know he is loved and cared for.  I was reminded that if Boston had not moved into the Tree of Life, he would probably be roaming the streets without a thought towards school.  For a moment, I played the role as mom.  Nothing short of what I do for my very own almost 15 year old.




The children of Heart House (where my Simon lives) were gathered in front of their house for a  photo.  Big grins then goofy grins.  I love that they are a family AND that kids are kids.


Knowing that the goodbyes were very temporary.

***Pictures were taken by my new friend and photographer, Julia, so be on the watch for photos!!!!


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted July 1, 2013 at 7:26 am | Permalink

    What a wonderful day, full of very special gifts!! Can hardly wait to see snaps. Love you all so much!

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