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#612 Last Saturday of Camp Life 2013.  That is actually a sad fact as well!  🙂 #613 Electricity coming on just in time to put the Dorito Casseroles in the oven  for 160 Americans tonight.  Gotta love random power outages.  Actually, the generator kicked on and we had to limit our oven usage and finish […]

Catching Up….

Internet access has been limited lately so I have a bit of catching up to do! #603 Cooking fried rice with two AMAZING summer staffers, Emily and Patrick.  The 14 college-aged summer staff bless me and fill me with joy! #604 Listening to another Emily enjoying her fruit next to me at dinner. #605 Quiet […]

Counting my gifts with coffee in hand

#593 Waking up before the alarm annoyingly woke us up. #594 Waking up before the husband and gently rubbing my hands through his thick hair. #595 Listening to the birds greet me early this morning. #596 My new LARGE coffee cups that finally arrived on a container!  It was better than Christmas!  I am still […]

Just a sweet snap….

    #587 Seeing Little Miss interact with the vulnerable children of Zambia. #588 Making lunch for the summer staff on Wednesdays.  They are always thrilled! #589 Cuddling in bed with my kiddos on this chilly July morning. #590 Having the husband around working at the lodge today. #591 Time reading Ephesians this morning. #592 […]

Counting more gifts…

#576 Blessing two young men at the Tuesday vegetable market by allowing them to carry my produce. I wonder if my 10k ($2) is all they acquire all week. #577 Cultural experience at the Tuesday vegetable market.  It was a bit overwhelming the first time I went last year but I am learning the ways […]

Gifts in Zambia

#576 Freedom to drive about Lusaka. #577 New summer staff!  They have already proven to be hard workers and I am enjoying their company AND help. #578 My son developing a servant’s heart. #579 I love that the husband chose to work out of our home (small villa).  I also loved that several of his […]

Sunday in Zambia

Our precious AND handsome Temba at church this morning.  I kept glancing over at him and this is the smile I would receive!  LOVE HIM! I had the privilege of teaching two of these three this week.  The one sitting down was quite the character so I found great joy in hugging him freely this […]


We focused on being free as Americans.  What a gift!!!!  Being free in Christ is a thousand times better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #561 Being an American!! #562 Being a Christian AND an American #563 Singing the Star Spangled Banner with 60 other Americans while standing on African soil.  I was brought to tears. #564 STEAK in Africa.  So […]

Fourth of July…Zambian style