We focused on being free as Americans.  What a gift!!!!  Being free in Christ is a thousand times better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Being an American!!


Being a Christian AND an American


Singing the Star Spangled Banner with 60 other Americans while standing on African soil.  I was brought to tears.


STEAK in Africa.  So much for suffering for Jesus!!!!!  My friend Vicki and her husband helped me put on quite the braii (cookout).  It went so well and it was fun!!!!!


Singing “Amazing Grace” as we set off TONS of LOUD and sparkly fireworks


Watching the smiles and hearing the laughter from adults while we watched major fireworks blast off into the sky.  We were all thinking “This is so illegal in the states.”


Catching a glimpse of the Zambian workers covering their mouths as they viewed our fireworks show.


ONE HOUR on the internet early this morning!


Time on the patio sipping strong coffee and feeling the cool Zambian breeze.


My children sleeping well last night!!!!  AND feeling better.  We have all had a nasty cough that we call “the Zambian” cough b/c we get it every time we come.


New summer staff arrived yesterday morning.  I am looking forward to getting to know another batch of amazing young men and women.  Always a highlight of our summers here!


Waking up this morning knowing that this is the FIRST day all summer I do not have a single cooking responsibility.  I am feeling guilty b/c I did not give a lot of warning but considering today is the last day of break week, I decided to take a break.


Early morning sunrise.  I watched from this side of the world this morning.


Today TWELVE little girls will move into a brand new home at the Tree of Life.  HALLELUJAH!  That is how I feel about that!  Oh….by the way, that is the name of the new house.


Catching up on my one thousand gifts.  I regret not being able to follow the prompts faithfully and write daily but I am still very mindful!




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