Sunday in Zambia


Our precious AND handsome Temba at church this morning.  I kept glancing over at him and this is the smile I would receive!  LOVE HIM!


I had the privilege of teaching two of these three this week.  The one sitting down was quite the character so I found great joy in hugging him freely this morning.


Our Little Miss and sweet Zambian friend worshiping together at church this morning.


Isn’t he just a doll!?!?!?  I love him so.



Children singing.  Simon took this snap for me.  🙂

Happy Sunday to you all on the other side of the pond.  Our day is winding down so we will head to supper soon.  I do not prepare meals on the Sabbath.  Happy.  Happy.  Happy.  The only “work” I do on Sundays is  prepare dough for overnight rolls.   I predict to roll out 300 rolls tomorrow afternoon.





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