Counting more gifts…


Blessing two young men at the Tuesday vegetable market by allowing them to carry my produce. I wonder if my 10k ($2) is all they acquire all week.


Cultural experience at the Tuesday vegetable market.  It was a bit overwhelming the first time I went last year but I am learning the ways and am not as uneasy.


Coffee treats in Zambia!


A changed heart!  I had expectations of how I would help out during snaps (photo sessions for over 100 groups) and they were crushed.  My attitude was quickly going south. But I prayed and prayed and my new assigned task turned out to be my favorite thus far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Making cookies for the auction for our private schools here in Zambia.


Cool filtered water in my water bottle.


Conversation with a college gal about One Thousand Gifts on the van ride home today.


Confirmation for our accommodations in Paris arrived via email this evening.  I am getting excited!


Spending time with Staci as we trot about Lusaka purchasing food for the Americans in town this week.


Getting to know the Zambians in my everyday world here.


So far no lice!  Apparently a staff family shared lice with a few of us and I have been the designated lice picker.  Our family has stayed clear and I am soooo not sure how that has happened.  I really pray that I do not have to deal with that nuisance….yet!   Please pray that the Lord spares us of that stress.


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