Counting my gifts with coffee in hand


Waking up before the alarm annoyingly woke us up.


Waking up before the husband and gently rubbing my hands through his thick hair.


Listening to the birds greet me early this morning.


My new LARGE coffee cups that finally arrived on a container!  It was better than Christmas!  I am still missing many items but a few needed and fun things arrived!


The coffee in my new large coffee cup tastes better than I have yet to have this year in Zambia.


The Zambians, esp the men, call me madame.  I think it sounds so respectful and old!  🙂


The birds singing as they greet the African sun.


Knowing that the mess on my floor will be cleaned by housekeeping, not me!  Living in a hotel is not how we typically do it here but this year our circumstances had to change.  In the past, I have had my own personal maid at our house.  Sometimes I miss having a maid and other times I rejoice that I am not tied down to one.  Housekeeping is working out just fine for me.  


I love the freedom of having my own washing machine and dryer to use whenever I darn please.  Missing that here!


Peeking in on my sleeping children.  The Lad looks MORE like his daddy in his sleep.



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