Catching Up….

Internet access has been limited lately so I have a bit of catching up to do!

Cooking fried rice with two AMAZING summer staffers, Emily and Patrick.  The 14 college-aged summer staff bless me and fill me with joy!

Listening to another Emily enjoying her fruit next to me at dinner.

Quiet morning on the patio drinking coffee and reading a book. A book!  I was reading a book!!!


A decent hospital for a friend to have to stay in while in Africa.


Enjoying our new friend, Matt, on the patio.



Internet!!!  I know I have mentioned that over and over but I am thankful over and over and over and over!!!  The following photo represents what my three children do often…..TRYING TO GET ON THE INTERNET.  They were not having luck at this moment.




Enjoying the staple food of Zambia, Nshima, with my husband.



The hospitality of the Zambian staff here at our lodge.  They LOVE to feed me nshima!!!


Baby George!  Little Miss ADORES this little man!!!



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