Last Saturday of Camp Life 2013.  That is actually a sad fact as well!  🙂


Electricity coming on just in time to put the Dorito Casseroles in the oven  for 160 Americans tonight.  Gotta love random power outages.  Actually, the generator kicked on and we had to limit our oven usage and finish preparing and cleaning in the dark.


Taking my kiddos out to lunch today.


In America, I love being able to walk in a store and have a huge selection to choose what I want/need.


Sitting next to my man right now as he works on his computer.


The husband amazes AND blesses me with his hard work and positive attitude.  He is such an inspiration to all.


New faces arrived today to be a part of week 7!!!


LONG Skype chat with my folks this evening…just before power outage!


Tomorrow is Sunday!  A break from cooking!!!



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