Let me introduce myself….

Hello, I am the lady at Knightly Manor.  I live in Texas most of the year and Zambia, Africa for 2-3 months every summer.  I have three children.  I have a teaching job.  I have an amazing husband.  We have two dogs.  I love to cook.  I hate to iron.  I love spending time with my family.  I hate cleaning out muffin pans.  I love living one block from my parents.  I hate that I don’t have more time to drink coffee with my mom on her back porch.  I have a new addiction to Manchego cheese.  I have an old addiction to chocolate.  I love being spontaneous but crave order.  Traveling is my passion but I love being home.  I have a blog.  I have ignored it for over a month.

Apparently removing the excuse of “lousy internet” from my list did not help me in blogging upon our return to the states.

No excuse.

Really, no excuse at all.

Well, maybe a few.

I do not have words nor the time to share ALL that has transpired over the past 4 weeks.


1.  Transitioning back into the American life is always exciting but challenging.

2.  I have been blessed with an amazingly blessed yet busy life.

3.  My children are HUGE blessings and are the source of non-stop chaos.

4.  I LOVE my job but struggle to accept the joy that comes with being a working mom.  I am in the midst of striving to find that joy.  THIS IS THE YEAR!!!

5.  School has started up and our lives have picked up where we left off before leaving for Africa.

Counting gifts?  I have LOOSELY kept  my pen and paper version of my list.  Well, maybe loosely is not an adequate word.

Okay, okay!  Maybe I just added 25.

Let me forget my absence and continue in this journey I call ONE THOUSAND GIFTS.


The gal on my right.


The gal on my left.

These two became close companions during my cooking days in Zambia.  I love them both dearly.  I miss them both dearly.



#623  All these children!!!  I guess if I listed everyone that would be 400 hundred GIFTS!!!!  Look at all of them!  There are over 400 children living at the Tree of Life Children’s village.  They are fed.  They are educated.  They are safe.  They are loved.


#624  These three kiddos are esp. close to our hearts.


Playing games with our friends’ and family member’s sponsored kids.



The intimate set up of Family Legacy’s sponsorship program!  How FUN to see these same boys every year and take gifts to them from their sponsors.



My brother’s sponsored child, Gift.



The way Pumpkin loves the Zambian children.



Watching my children interact with the Zambian children. MELTS MY HEART!



We went to a community to visit my friend’s sponsored boys a few days before leaving the country.  We were having a grand time when we heard little voices and saw little faces peek through the gate.  “Auntie!  Auntie.  It is me!”  A handful of our children’s Zambian kids (those kids were in their groups at camp)  had heard that Musungus were in the vicinity and ran to the school to check it out.  What fun to share more hugs!


Missing Zambia…….




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