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Photo gifts

#648 Sweet little friends… #649 11 Years of loving this precious one!!! #650 More friends!  Teenagers!!! #651 What fun to be on the sidelines and watch our children participate in many activities.  I recently read an article that focused on what parents say to their children regarding sports (or any activity).  The author basically summed […]


It has been a rough day. Actually, it has been a rough week.  Oh dear, who am I kidding?  The last 8 weeks of school have been nutty and I have found myself in many uncomfortable situations.  It has also been a year requiring loads and loads of my time. Add to that loads and […]


#641 of the Joy Dare has been out there lost, waiting to be discovered.  #641 has been there all along, longing to scream out to the world of God’s goodness.  The recipient of gift #641 has not been longing.  The longing disappeared and the void grew by leaps and bounds. Why does one allow the […]