It has been a rough day. Actually, it has been a rough week.  Oh dear, who am I kidding?  The last 8 weeks of school have been nutty and I have found myself in many uncomfortable situations.  It has also been a year requiring loads and loads of my time.

Add to that loads and loads all of my motherly and wifely duties and you have a stressed momma!

But along came #642 today…

My special education team!   We love the kids.  Our brains are close to exploding and our caseloads are overflowing but we are all into this together!


As I sat in a meeting today, my heart being torn apart by a parents’ decision for their child, I was able to keep my composure and my mouth shut.  Rare!   Apparently I was a nervous wreck b/c my face was very very red for quite some time afterwards.  I was overcome with sadness for the child I greatly care for.  A peace calmed me and we got through it.  The outcome is unknown but I will trust in God that things will turn for the best.


A surprise quick visit with an old co-worker/friend at the basketball gym.  My heart was filled.


A happy heart!  The Lord gave me a happy heart tonight among ALL FIVE US having tons of work to do!  I actually enjoyed experiencing all of us buzzing around engrossed in homework.


My mother!  Once again, she saved the day and greeted us at our house at 6:30 with dinner.  I so would not survive this teaching gig without her (or my father).


Insurance.  I hate to even mention that word during this crazy time of US history!  I opened an insurance statement today, discovering that my job really does provide us.  The $300 Dr. bill is costing us $9.59.



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