Monthly Archives: November 2013

Gifts everywhere

#796 The glow, the warmth, and the coziness a fire shares always brings me delight, esp. when snow is on the ground. #797 Friendly service. #798 Generosity! #799 Have I mentioned how much we have all enjoyed having fast interent?!?!!? ! #800 Realizing that I lack only 200 gifts to attain my goal of 1,000!!! […]


#774 Bought first Christmas gift today. #775 Eating all three meals with our beloved EJ and Uncle Lynn #776 Safe travels on the icy roads. #777 Ice scrapers!!! #778 Amazing time of worship tonight at Aunt EJ’s church. #779 Watching my girlies draw. #780 Explaining what we believe as Christians to our children.  I love […]


#771 SNOW!!! #772 Watching the delight on my children’s faces when they witness snow. #773 Warmth that awaits us when we return indoors.  

Education, my son, and the carpool line

#754 A heart of compassion. #755 A reminder that the Lord has me in a certain position at work for a reason. #756 Morning carpool duty!  Sounds crazy, especially when the temps are fairly chilly in the mornings these days but I receive pleasure greeting sooooo many children first thing in the morning.  I have […]

Prompts once again…

Gifts of Laughter #736 Giggles of my growing children. #737 Last weekend my mother blessed my son (and our pocketbook) with a shopping trip.  Our fifteen year old was not too keen on the shopping idea but was desperate for clothing that fit his ever-growing legs and arms.  As we were checking out, the cashier […]

A few days AND blessings in Amarillo

#717 Snow covered ground.  White is so clean and pure. #718 My view from the rear view mirror:  all three (huge) children snuggled up under blankets and among massive amounts of pillows. #719 Trees translucent in the freezing winter air. #720 Traveling miles in potentially icky weather knowing we were recently able to purchase four […]

A Gift Gathered, Given, Good

#717 This week would have been my Mammaw’s 101st birthday.  I thought of her often everyday this week.  One of the fondest memories I have of her (and my Pappaw) was working in the garden.  Of course I dreaded working under the hot sun and not running around free but I did find slight pleasure […]

Sweet, Salty, Sipped

#714 I am on a 60 day challenge of eating clean and a bit lean so things that are sweet are few and far between at this point.  My indulgence that is on the sweet side is fresh fruit.  Cool crisp apples dipped in peanut butter, ice cold round grapes, and sweet pineapple.  Hold on, […]

Joy on this Saturday

#711 A quiet Saturday at home. #712 As I was walking among numerous families at the school carnival today, I was overcome with thanksgiving for our school community.  I LOVE working in this town.  I LOVE living in this town.  I LOVE that my children are growing up here.  We do indeed have a village […]

Taking the prompts again

I have been sorta free falling and random in listing my gifts. I decided to go back to the prompts BUT can’t seem to find November 2013  Joy Dare on the website.  So….I went back to 2012. And yes, I am being random yet again and not going in any particular order. Three gifts from […]