Driving my children and their friends around town to various activities.  I love being a mom.


My happy attitude driving the kids around town.


Being called mom.


Friends!  I love having my girls’ friends in the car with us, at our home, and hearing them giggle.


My children’s health.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching my children play, sing, study, etc.  They are happy, healthy, and active.


My little one’s sweet voice.  She is singing a solo at the Veteran’s Day program next Monday and was practicing with our music teacher and another little pal this afternoon.  Not only do I love her voice, but I LOVE seeing her concentrate while she sings.


My son greets me with his hands on both shoulders, pauses, looks straight into my eyes and says, “Mom!  You are AMAZING.”  He is quirky, silly, and sincere.


Having fresh foods prepared in advance is a daily treat.


Sticking to a schedule.  My mom always says I am a study in contrast.  It is true!  I HATE having to stick to a schedule and being told what to do.  I also thrive off of structure.  The husband and I have started a strict eating and workout routine.  Of course this new routine requires structure and planning and I seem to be functioning better.


Shakeology.  It is my new favorite breakfast.  I am giving it the thirty day test along with working out every single morning.  I have high hopes.


I peeked in my box at school today and found an actually letter, not a brochure, not papers to send home, and not paperwork to be completed.  It was a real letter handwritten and containing a stamp and sealed with love by my very own man.


Reading my husband’s words melts my heart.  He is sincere and reveals his heart.


A Starbucks gift card hiding in that handwritten envelope.


The very sweet and dedicated staff at Starbucks today.  I was desperately trying to figure out the best coffee treat with the lowest calorie count and natural ingredients.  I learned a lot today.


The Lord has given me grand willpower this week.  It is a lot of trial and error as I figure out the right foods to nourish our bodies.


The husband’s willingness to man homework duty most of the time.


Cool, crisp November day here in the great state of Texas.


Time to catch up on my Joy Dare.


A few extra minutes to get some things done at school.


Coworkers!  We have an amazing Sped team.


Evenings at home.




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