Our Halloween Treat


Fourteen years ago the Lord blessed us with a PRECIOUS pumpkin on Halloween Day.


I was not a big fan of the very big possibility of giving birth to our second child on Halloween day but the Lord saw it as a perfect day for her to enter our lives.  I am sooooo grateful for that Pumpkin AND the fact that she was born on October 31.  It is so fun to celebrate HER!



I also doubted that having TWO daughters was a good thing.  I do not have a sister so I am clueless about the bond, the heartache, and the joy of sisterhood. I am starting to catch a glimpse of it all.  I am thankful we have been given TWO daughters.


The slumber party went on without issues with these AMAZING girls!!!



Being mom to our Pumpkin!!!

Pumpkin, we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!  We enjoy watching you grow and experience new things daily.  You are beautiful inside and out.  You willingly try new things and seek adventure.  You are a fair and generous friend.  It is a privilege to raise you to be the young lady God has called you to be!


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