#685  Experiences as a momma!  I had a teachable moment with my 14 year old daughter in the car this evening.  I love how teachable she is and how she teaches me as well!

#686  Coffee with Tiff.

#687  I am amazed how my friend, Tiff, and I can have such different schedules and live in different worlds but still get together and chat like we never missed a beat.

#688  A surprise visit with yet another friend this evening.

#689  Watching my family get excited over the Baylor game.

#690  I am so thankful for my grand education at Baylor Univeristy!!!

#691  Another lovely fall day.

#692  Hearing my wee students sing a sweet Veteran’s Day song.

#693  “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning!  Great is thy faithfulness!!!!”

#694  My attitude this week has been positive!!!

#695  It is Thursday night and I am close to being ready for next week!!!

#696  I took an entire weekend off from working.  I have had a fairly smooth week.  I think not going to work on the weekends should be my new trend.

#697  Date night with my Love on Saturday.  We typically have breakfast dates but we branched out this past weekend.  Time with him is sweet.

#698  Sweet kisses from my man at the end of our workday.

#699  My mom bringing dinner over for the family.  Of course I had to prepare my own food but it was lovely to have food ready when we returned home so late.

#700  I sit here typing and glance over at my man reading the paper.  I love him!

#701  My husband’s sincere smile.  I melt when he looks at me.

#702  The joy on my son’s face when we all watch a football game together.

#703  Reading chapter books to my youngest at night. For some reason we took a hiatus from reading aloud and I missed it.  Such fun to read to her at night again!

#704  I love seeing my nieces and nephews daily.  My brother and I do not have Aunts, Uncles, or Cousins so living close together is such a treat.  We still don’t have those big Sunday dinners I dreamed of but I will take seeing them often!

#705  Baylor just scored…AGAIN!  Can you tell I am watching a game as I type?!?!?!

#706  Calling this house our home.

#707  God reminds me often that he cares for us and certainly does provide!!!

#708  Countdown to Thanksgiving break started this morning with the Lad.

#709  My son’s enthusiasm when his favorite team makes a touchdown.

#710 I am writing my 710th gift.  Getting closer to 1000!  Slow but sure!


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