Taking the prompts again

I have been sorta free falling and random in listing my gifts.

I decided to go back to the prompts BUT can’t seem to find November 2013  Joy Dare on the website.  So….I went back to 2012.

And yes, I am being random yet again and not going in any particular order.

Three gifts from my window…

#711  Watching the kids play basketball on the back driveway.

#712  Squirrels scurrying about under the front trees.

#713  Our neighbors!  I always smile when I see Mr. Gary in his front yard playing ball with his boys.

Three gifts acorn small…

#714   The diamond on my left finger.  I love what it represents.

#715  Walnuts.  I love munching on these nuts.

#716  Contacts!  Although they are not always the most comfortable, I do enjoy not having to wear glasses all the time.

Three gifts that start with the letter N….

#717  Nancy, my mother.  Nancy means gracious one.  My mother is gracious indeed!!!

#718  November!  I love this month!

#719  Nests!  I especially enjoy nest full of tiny eggs.




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