Sweet, Salty, Sipped


I am on a 60 day challenge of eating clean and a bit lean so things that are sweet are few and far between at this point.  My indulgence that is on the sweet side is fresh fruit.  Cool crisp apples dipped in peanut butter, ice cold round grapes, and sweet pineapple.  Hold on, I need to pop into the kitchen for a moment.


Now that I have had my sweet snack, I wonder what I can have that is salty!?!?!?  I am staying away from the things I enjoy that are on the salty side.  If I was not being a health nut, I would dive into a big batch of HOT french fries covered in salt.


I am sipping Shakeology every morning for breakfast.  So far, I have loved it.  I am not a big fan of the price but I feel good about what is going into my body and I am feeling great.


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