A few days AND blessings in Amarillo


Snow covered ground.  White is so clean and pure.


My view from the rear view mirror:  all three (huge) children snuggled up under blankets and among massive amounts of pillows.


Trees translucent in the freezing winter air.


Traveling miles in potentially icky weather knowing we were recently able to purchase four pristine tires.


One thing I find endearing about this town is the people.  I always find them to be warm and friendly.


Little Miss opened her eyes next to me in the hotel room this morning.  I quietly told her, “Take a peek out the window.”  She jumped up, ran to the window and exclaimed, “It REALLY DID snow!!!!! ALOT!”


The husband quickly joined her at the window, their heads side by side with smiles covering their faces.


The husband returned to his spot close to me and held me tight.  Warmth!  Inside and out!


The husband held on to me, stealing a kiss or two.


Little Miss beamed with what seemed to be amusement and a slight hint of embarrassment.


The husband publicly and frequently shows his affections towards me.  Sweet, tender, real.


The children, especially the taller ones, witnessing affection between their parents.


I love traipsing around my beloved’s old stomping grounds.  He was not raised here.  This is where he visited his grandparents and aunt and uncles.  This is where his memories were formed.  This is where his legacy began with the marriage of his grandparents over 70 years earlier.  I am soooooo honored and blessed to be a KNIGHT now.


My parents are only children so my brother and I lack aunts and uncles.  BUT NOW….I have an aunt!!!  Aunt Ella Jane loves me as if I was birthed into her family.  I love how she loves me.  I love how she loves our children.  I just LOVE her!!!


Aunt Ella Jane’s sweet, warm embrace upon our arrival last night.


Cool temperatures somehow warm my insides.  Oxymoron indeed!


The expectation of knowing that I have an ENTIRE week off of work.


The husband playing in the indoor pool with the children.  He is so young and fun!


Coffee in hand on this brisk Sunday morning.






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