Education, my son, and the carpool line


A heart of compassion.


A reminder that the Lord has me in a certain position at work for a reason.


Morning carpool duty!  Sounds crazy, especially when the temps are fairly chilly in the mornings these days but I receive pleasure greeting sooooo many children first thing in the morning.  I have yet to finish carpool duty and be in a bad mood. Afternoon carpool duty is an entirely different story.  Might have to do with the heat making me sick and not having time to catch my breath before changing roles and being mom.


I wrote yet another IEP last week and it was the first time I completed the paperwork quickly and without stress.


My speech therapist and I work so well as a team.  I am so grateful for our attitude towards each other and our love and concern for the children.


I am grateful for the experiences God has placed in my path, especially the ones that produced perseverance and eventually character.


Having a child on the Autism Spectrum has opened up many productive and soothing conversations with parents I serve.


Having folks act surprised when I mention The Lad being on the spectrum.  He has COME A LONG WAYS!  What a gift to witness him overcome so much.


The Lad is a pleasant and amazing fifteen year old.  He is goofy, immature, and very candid.  His spirit is mature and he is real.  Spending time with him is a gift and I am filled with great expectations for his future.  He seems to see a lot of green and gold in his future!  Sic’em Bears!


It is a privilege to have such a new and spacious school building.  Every time we drive out to Timbuktu for away games (the joys of attending a 2A school district that stands alone in Dallas county), one of our children mentions how much nicer our campuses are.  I know a building does not make a school great but it sure seems to open many doors for student opportunities.


Our schools are used for many activities that show the heart of our administration and community.


I love that we have parking issues when we invite parents to school events.


A dad’s club has started meeting in our school library before school on Fridays.  Last Friday a crowd of Daddies exited the school.  As they walked passed me doing my morning duty, I couldn’t help but smile.  What a joy to see an abundance of dads being involved in their children’s lives.


A parent slows the vehicles, pronounces their love for their child,  then looks me in the eye and says, “THANK YOU!”


I see a car rolling through my carpool lane and know what face to expect.  The car stops, I open the door.  The child greets me with a smile.  They expect the same from me.  I deliver.  The parents smile.  They have entrusted that child into my care, even though for just second, I am the first to touch their precious child.  I am honored to touch them, smile at them, and keep them safe.


I love to stand in the middle of the carpool lane in the midst of a brief lull and hear the  sounds of the flags flapping in the wind and the metal slapping against the pole.


I drop my babies off in the bus line at 3:12.  Bell chimes at 3:15.  Freedom. I am grateful that I have approximately 25 minutes of peace while most of the staff are outside returning the children to the parents.


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