Prompts once again…

Gifts of Laughter


Giggles of my growing children.


Last weekend my mother blessed my son (and our pocketbook) with a shopping trip.  Our fifteen year old was not too keen on the shopping idea but was desperate for clothing that fit his ever-growing legs and arms.  As we were checking out, the cashier announced the total. Just as she did when I was growing up,  my mom looked at my son and asked, “Are you worth all of this?”  My son quickly replied, “No, Nana, I am worth a lot more.  You are getting a huge discount today.”  HA!!!


My preschoolers.  True, at times, they are stress inducers but their innocence and love for me thrills my soul!!! They are always saying the funniest things.  I love when my aide and I bust out laughing!!!

3 Gifts of Autumn


Promise of the holidays approaching.


Cooler weather (maybe).  We live in Texas!!!


I LOVE the  Fall theme for preschoolers.  Pumpkins, leaves, acorns, etc.  Great center ideas!!!

3 Gifts of Traditions


I enjoy continually learning my husband’s traditions from his years growing up.  How fun to bring our traditions together and mold them into our little family.


Carrying out traditions means bringing up memories.  Sweet, sweet memories.


I like to think that a majority of our traditions hold strong meaning AND purpose.  Of course I never want our religion (which is truly a relationship with our Lord and Savior) to be about traditions only.  Having a relationships is not about traditions but I would like to think that traditions can serve to draw us closer to our Lord and hopefully honor and serve HIM.

Some of my favorite traditions:  Birthday cake for baby Jesus, Resurrection eggs (haven’t done this a lot in the past few years), Birthday breakfast with daddy on your birthday, discipleship time between my son and husband, eating at family member’s favorite restaurants, trips to Amarillo to visit family, writing notes to family members on Christmas morning (we place them in our Christmas crackers), etc, etc.

3 Gifts of Family


Time spent!


Shared faith.


Family bond.  Tight, forever, real.

A Gift Grateful

I am thrown off a bit by this prompt. I assumed the point to pondering these gifts was to express an attitude of gratitude.


Tonight the pastor at the church we were visiting used the phrase, “bombarded with blessings.”  Indeed!  The blessings are plentiful.  Abundant.  Makes me think of John 10:10:  “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”  He gives us an abundance!!!  Salvation is far more than we deserve!


I am grateful for the gift of counting my blessings by scribbling them onto the pages of my blog.


Freedom!  Freedom is huge!

Three Gifts only in Christ


Hope for eternity




Grace!  Marvelous Grace of our loving Lord!!!

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