Bought first Christmas gift today.


Eating all three meals with our beloved EJ and Uncle Lynn


Safe travels on the icy roads.


Ice scrapers!!!


Amazing time of worship tonight at Aunt EJ’s church.


Watching my girlies draw.


Explaining what we believe as Christians to our children.  I love that they seek our thoughts and beliefs but want to encourage them to think through what they have been taught.  I read today that one way those who claim to be Baptists differ from other denominations is that they just don’t intellectually grasp salvation, they accept it and live it.  Living it is what I want for my children.  Don’t just intellectually accept it….but live it, understand it, embrace it.


Enjoying foods that are good for me.  I am gradually finding more and more foods that satisfy me.


Older couples holding hands…


The beauty of First Baptist Amarillo in the snowy light.


Fast internet at the hotel!!!


I purchased a $6 shirt today!


Spending time roaming around Barnes and Nobles sipping coffee.  All five of us were enjoying reading, drinking coffee, and discussing history.  The snow smiling in at us made it feel even more peaceful!


The kids were highly interested in JFK today. We searched books and spent some time discussing the historical event.


My husband holds such an amazing amount of patience!!!


Went for a swim today.  Felt good to do my stretching in the pool.


Our family of five is snuggled up tight in a hotel room.  Although I am certain this would get old fast, it is refreshing to be close in proximity and do so much together.


The deep blue in my son’s eyes.


Singing hymns at church tonight.  We are a part of a very contemporary church so hymns are few and far between.  Hymns take me back to my childhood.  I even feel a wee bit more intellectual due to the occasional big words!


I am grateful that my older two are able to have braces.


Somebody else made the beds this morning!  🙂


Time away from my usual chores.





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