Gifts everywhere


The glow, the warmth, and the coziness a fire shares always brings me delight, esp. when snow is on the ground.


Friendly service.




Have I mentioned how much we have all enjoyed having fast interent?!?!!? !


Realizing that I lack only 200 gifts to attain my goal of 1,000!!!


Cold, dreary days are just that….DREARY but for some reason they calm my soul and create a coziness in my heart.


Have I also mentioned that I am off from work THIS ENTIRE WEEK!?!?!?!?!?!  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!


The golden curls on my daughter’s head dangling over her shoulders.


Shopping with one of my children alone is always a pleasure.  It is not exactly a chore but an opportunity to know them more.


A surprise meeting!


The surprise meeting led to free drinks at Starbucks!


Meeting people from all walks of life!!!

As most of you know, our family spends the summers in Zambia, Africa.  Over 500 Americans come in and out of our Camp all summer and I focus on feeding their weary bodies.

Today as Little Miss and I were running errands with Aunt EJ, we asked if we could run by Starbucks to find come warmth in a mug-a to go one to be exact! We were standing in line and somehow got on the topic with a friendly man about living in Africa every summer.  The pretty lady in front of him turned around and asked, “What part of Africa?  I have been to Zambia before.”  I looked at her closely and KNEW what was coming next.  She said,  ” I went on a mission trip with Family Legacy Missions.”  “I KNOW YOU!”  I exclaimed.  She looked at me a bit puzzled and I told her I was the camp cook.  A smile covered her face and she then remembered exactly who I was.  “You did my laundry too!!!!!,” she replied.  Indeed I did.  We chatted a few minutes about all things Zambia.  The poor man in the middle.  She even motioned us to join her at the cashier and said, “I am paying for whatever they want I will pay!”  Little Miss giggled and looked at me for approval.  I argued briefly saying I had a gift card.  She explained that what a joy to meet somebody connected to Zambia.  The meeting was more interesting due to the fact that we live in Dallas and she lives in OKC.  We were standing in a crowded Starbucks in Amarillo, Texas.  Small world!!!  Another fun fact about this woman is she has my grandmother’s first and last name!!!!  How could I forget that!!?!?!?!??!


Gift of time.


My family and my in-laws get along BEAUTIFULLY!  We will spend another Thanksgiving all together!  My folks, the husband’s folks, his sister’s family, and my family’s lifelong friends.   My brother and his family would join us too but they always engage in a huge family gathering with his wife’s family for the fall holiday.


I married into an AMAZING family!!!!  I love every one of them!


Clothes getting a wee bit baggier every day.


Music.  My taste in music is rather eclectic and varies with my moods.  I find great pleasure in music.  Relaxation in acoustic guitar and classical music.  Entertainment in country music.  Heart full of love with praise and worship and a spring in my step with oldies music.  Pop music is enjoyable with my children.  They get a kick out of me singing at the top of my lungs with them.  It is the little things……


I have an amazing boss.  She had to call me this morning  to inform me of  flooding in one of my classrooms. She was calm and in control and was very positive in telling me of all the material losses.  I am grateful that this little incident happened when it did and the janitor discovered it when she did.  And how lovely  we do not have school for a week! Can you imagine accepting children into a flooded room!?!?!


Pumpkin treats .  Of course I am having to be rather creative in eating non sugary pumpkin treats these days.


Soft skin on my youngest child.  I know that the softness will be fleeting like her youth so I treasure the sweet little things about her.


My oldest daughter approaches me and squeezes me, gives me a kiss on my forehead, and says, ” I love you, Momma.” Might I add that this occurs in public.  My heart is full!!!


Little Miss just asked for a snack of carrots.


Indoor swimming pool!  Swimming has always been an activity all three of our children enjoy.  We sit and talk a lot at restaurants while visiting family so it is nice to have a physical activity to wear them out beforehand.


The Hobby Lobby here in town is HUGE!!!!  Who would have thought the Amarillo store would be so much larger than the ones in Dallas?  EJ and I always have fun roaming the aisles, esp. at Christmas time.  I was able to acquire several nifty Christmas items!!!


My 14 year old has started to show quite a talent for drawing and painting.  Sometimes I do NOT know where these children came from.


My 14 year old is also rather talented in make-up and costumes.  She has greatly enjoyed being a part of the middle school’s ONE ACT PLAY.  I have enjoyed watching the fruit of her labor on stage.


I am overwhelmed by the staff that invest SO much time and energy into the lives of the children in our school system.  I know I mention this frequently but it is always on my heart!!!


I LOVE traveling abroad but America is home.  It is safe.  It is free.  It is home.


I am always fascinated that my husband can fluently speak Russian and Spanish.  He says he speaks a little bit of English!  🙂


I find security in my husband’s intellect AND wisdom.


The sun rises before my very eyes as I pull into the school’s parking lot.


My son’s teacher and coach mentioned to me last week how he has seen him starting to mature.


The trainer for our school approached me last week as well and showed great interest in our son.  True, the Lad is not a true athlete but this man and the other coaches want him to find his niche.  Once again, they care about him as a kid, not just how he can perform on the field or court.


Little Miss just asked me to watch her swim.  I announced that I would actually swim.  SMILE!  Like I said earlier, it is about the little things…..


Time off from work truly opens doors for me to relax and enjoy these precious children he has entrusted to my care.


I am sure slipping into my wet swimsuit and diving into a warm pool will bring me delight….simply because it delights the 11 year old.  Time is fleeting…………………..


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