Monthly Archives: December 2013

My Marriage

In honor of recently celebrating 17 years of marital bliss, I thought I would dissect the previous 17 years of being Mrs. Knight and reveal gifts from that time. YEAR ONE #918 Newness of being a Mrs. #919 Starting a new life as ONE. #920 Getting plugged into a precious church. We quickly fell in […]


#846 My husband’s coworkers are warm, inviting, and just plain fun. #847 Sounds from the children enjoying each other in the midst of playing outside. #848 Cameras!  I LOVE pictures. #849 An impromptu lunch with the husband today. #850 The sweet love of my husband’s aunt (and uncle).  My parents are both only children so […]


I have TWO days to complete scribing my 1,000 gifts.  I only have to jot down 158 gifts. No biggie. Our horribly slow internet has hindered my consistent blogging.  Add all the other great craziness in my life and then you might see why recording my gifts via bloggyland has been few and far between. […]

#832 Yesterday I sat nervously (for no reason) waiting for the man who delivered my last baby over 11 years ago!!!  The wait was long so there was plenty of time allowed for memories of being pregnant to flow rapidly.  Sweet memories.  I loved being pregnant.  The Lord gifted me with three pregnancies. #833 Drug-free […]