Yesterday I sat nervously (for no reason) waiting for the man who delivered my last baby over 11 years ago!!!  The wait was long so there was plenty of time allowed for memories of being pregnant to flow rapidly.  Sweet memories.  I loved being pregnant.  The Lord gifted me with three pregnancies.


Drug-free births!


My first glimpse of those precious lives!


Daddy admiring his offspring in his arms.  Heart melter!!!


Smell of my clean newborns.  I will NEVER lose the sweetness of that smell in my memory.


The Lord has entrusted children in our care.  What a huge undertaking!  What a huge gift!


Firstborn son.  Our Lad is turning into a young man daily.  He is the spitting physical image of his father.  I pray daily that he will be the spitting spiritual and mental image of him as well.  I adore his innocence and the little hints of dimples on both sides of his mouth.   I admire how he is gradually learning how to overcome social reluctancy and being pushed out of his comfort zone.  AND….he is just flat out witty.


I was convinced that our second child was also a boy.  Confessing the desire for a girl was not happening.

“It’s a girl!”

“What!?!?,” I asked upon the announcement.

After seeing the evidence that our new little being was indeed a female, I yelled out, “It’s a girl?  I got a girl?”

What a joy to raise that girl!

Our Halloween treat has been a treat indeed.  Observant, kind, athletic, sensitive to the holy spirit, and just plain cute!


Number Three!  Surprise!!!  She has taken us on quite the adventures.  Her spunk and impulsiveness definitely challenge me to be on my game and raise her to be the young lady the Lord desires her to be.  Years ago, when Little Miss was an incorrigible toddler, a few people confirmed what I already knew.  She was difficult.  I hate to admit that I gave in to that fact often and ignored the JOY she handed us daily.  Oh!  What JOY she is.  She forces a smile on my face often. Her beauty captivates many.  Her heart shines delight.


Partnering with my beloved in raising these young ones.


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted December 9, 2013 at 5:21 pm | Permalink

    Wonderful posts!!! Love, love, love those precious kids – and their parents, as well!!

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