I have TWO days to complete scribing my 1,000 gifts.  I only have to jot down 158 gifts.

No biggie.

Our horribly slow internet has hindered my consistent blogging.  Add all the other great craziness in my life and then you might see why recording my gifts via bloggyland has been few and far between.  I have been looking at the goodness in this life in the midst of some tough and even ugly things in this world.

Sad:  My sweet friend, Susan, went home to be with Jesus on December 15.


This sad time has actually made me appreciate what Christmas means… means SALVATION!!!  This brings hope!  It brings peace.  My sweet friend is new, whole, WITh Jesus!!!


Our Community Group has been an AMAZING example of community as they have ministered to Susan’s family.  I am still in AWE how our group rallied together and invested so much into a family in need.


Our church!  I hate to admit that it has taken over 8 years for me to truly claim our church as our “family.”  Yes, there has been plenty of blessings flowing from the body of believers we call “church” but I have struggled to feel like it is HOME. That “home” feeling arrived this month.


Neighbors!  We have several amazing neighbors.  We have grown esp. close to the Lyon family. This (feeling close to neighbors), too, has been long in coming!!!  We never felt this way about anybody the ten years we lived in our old neighborhood.  We are so thankful!!!



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