My husband’s coworkers are warm, inviting, and just plain fun.


Sounds from the children enjoying each other in the midst of playing outside.


Cameras!  I LOVE pictures.


An impromptu lunch with the husband today.


The sweet love of my husband’s aunt (and uncle).  My parents are both only children so I did not grow up with aunts and uncles adoring me.  It is an AMAZING feeling.


THREE DAYS of having Aunt EJ and Uncle Lynn in our home for Christmas.  What a treat!!!


Being an aunt myself!


Fast internet!  FINALLY we have decent internet in our home.


Pandora has been my friend lately.  Since Christmas, I have enjoyed listening to hymns.  I am indeed old fashion at times.


A clean house.


The ease of texting.


Cuddling up in the media room with the kiddos and watching movies.


Knowing that the “Steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning.”


It is a joy to hear my children repeat lessons learned from a sermon.


Seeing our children repentant….with little prodding from us.


Support letters printed.


Time spent at the husband’s office stuffing envelopes with our newsletters.


The list of over 400 families receiving our newsletter.


My wee little book with handwritten list of my 1.000 gifts (not completely full).  Now to transcribe them onto my blog!!!


Time to leisurely read books.


Time off from teaching.


Although it is a bit challenging at times, I love my two lives:  1. being a teacher   2.  ministering in Africa


Being a MOM is the bomb!


A new life.  My husband’s cousin had another baby yesterday.


I love when my 14 year old daughter sits up front in the car with me and chats.


A healthy 14 year old daughter!


Our doctor we have had for 8 plus years has moved on to new endeavors.  We met her replacement yesterday at Pumpkin’s check-up.  We loved her!


Health care.  True, I teach for the insurance.


Lunch alone with my Pumpkin.


Unexpected kiss on the forehead from Little Miss.


Music of Bach.


I am amazed how fast Little Miss picked up a new piano piece yesterday.


Crisp, new sheets.


Sleeping next to my man on those new sheets.


Waking up to a wee hint of morning sun.


Workouts!  I am enjoying working out regularly again.


Working out alongside my man.


Brushing out my long hair.  I have not had long hair for over 2o years so this is fairly foreign to me.


Taking a glimpse at the diamond on my left ring finger.


The diamond ring represents my love for my man.


Movie date with my man.


A weekend getaway with my precious man.


Meeting new people.


Discovering a variety of things people contribute to society.


The husband and I enjoy staying at Bed and Breakfast Inns.


Old houses.


Sun shining on water.


Gift cards!


Coffee date with the Lad.


The excitement of my son when he agreed to run errands with me.  He is a homebody so I treasure when he accompanies me anywhere.


My son’s witty humor.


His giggle.  It has always been the best!!!






The life of my sweet friend, Tiffany.  We celebrate her birthday this week.


17 years with the love of my life.


Seeing my husband happy fills my heart with great joy!


Clear skies.


Wearing jammies for most of the day.


Fire in the fireplace.


Smelling my daughters’ clean, smooth hair.


Hot tea.


Being prepared.


Catching up on my blog!


The birth of Jesus.


Being able to take my oldest two children to movies I enjoy like Saving Mr. Banks and The Book Thief.


The husband’s smile is priceless when he discovers that the seats at the theater are “make-out seats.”


Hot baths.  I have found myself taking quite a few this past week.


Snow on mountain tops.


Surprising my children with fun activities.


Being crafty.  It is a rare occurrence!





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