No direction

I lack direction of my writings this year.

Know what that means?


I keep finding myself ending the day listing a few gifts in my mind.

I guess that is a good thing!  That fact actually thrills me!  Sometimes I am naturally seeking and naming my gifts.


I feel a list coming on, a gifty sorta one.

Our neighbor, Gary, willingly stood out in the cold with me last night assisting me in discovering what was going on with our pipes and hot water heater.  Poor Gary is always bailing me out when the husband is away!

Warm snuggles with my kiddos!

Happy attitudes in the midst of challenging days!  Once again, I am discovering that my attitude certainly guides my children’s attitudes!  Contagious!

My children’s gleeful cries when the hot water came on without a leak was priceless!

In the midst of a sad situation involving a coworker, I have witnessed an amazing loving community.

My job changed paths today.  I quickly realized how much I have enjoyed my schedule/duties.

I welcomed a new little one into my care at school today.  Despite the bruise on my arm from a nasty bite, I thought the kid had a great first day.  🙂

I saw a photo of our land in Zambia now compared to what it looks like during dry/winter season.  The children and I have never been there during rainy season.  The view of green all around was stunning.

Although I am not a big fan of doing things alone (like parenting), I am always surprising myself with what I can do…correction:  with what I allow the Lord to do within me.

5:45 will certainly show its’ ugly face very soon if I do not turn in now.

Nighty night!



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