Top Ten

Top ten things about this week…

1.  My parents’ willingness to watch my children while I get away to scrapbook for three days.

2.  Skyping (well, just instant messaging) my man.

3.  An actual 14 minute conversation with the hubby via Skype yesterday.  14 minutes of hearing his voice!!!

4.  The happy attitudes of my children while I was away.

5.  Scrapbooking friends.  The group of ladies I scrapbook with every January are not necessarily close to me but we have a bond and I love to catch up with them once a year.

6.  I have remained faithful in exercising sans the husband.  It is a lovely habit and I am grateful I have been able to continue getting in shape.

7.  My sweet co-worker, Amy, was married this weekend.

8.  I surprised my kiddos with after school ice cream one day this week.  We just sat there and chatted and then did our own thing (kids on phones and I sorted my photos).  We were relaxed.

9.  Returning to my own home, filled with my kiddos and a handful of others.  I am so thankful for this house we call home.

10.  My children are all blessed by being with friends tonight.  Tomorrow is a school holiday and we are all delighted!!!


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