What I love…

about my family!

We laugh a lot.

The four people I call family make this house a home.


Never a dull moment.

We serve in Africa together.

The children have been most helpful and displayed a happy attitude while daddy was absent.

Playing games together.

Cuddling is accepted by all.

I love that my children are old enough now to watch movies that interest the husband and me.  Well, not all of the movies and T.V. shows.

We have traditions that the children have grown to love and expect.

We attend church together.  It is especially fun to have the two teens sit with us at church.

Watching the kiddos learn the value of money.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my husband demonstrates amazing love to his wife at all times.  My children just might never get married thanks to the role model he is for them.  There just can’t be another out there like him!

The children giggle when daddy gets on the flirty side.  Kisses in the carwash really bring on the moans and giggles!  🙂 True, it might embarrass them, esp. the teenagers but deep down, I know they feel secure by our love.

Our leader!  The husband is a true follower of Christ. He has a love for his savior that is real, simple, deep, passionate, and intimate.  That love seeps out into those around him.

Our children want us around!  They ask us to volunteer at events and attend what we can.

My heart is full now that the husband has returned from Africa. We missed him more than words can ever express but we not only survived, we actually thrived and made some new memories along the way.

I missed him for over a million reasons (including the five things that broke around the house).  The main reason is because he is part of our family.  He serves us, loves us, and betters us every day, even when he is absent.



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