5 Years

Today I was forced to face how much a few things have changed over the past five years.

This is what spurred on my thoughts…




Yep, it has been five years since we said yes to the call of joining Family Legacy Missions International.  With that call came numerous changes in our lives.

The children had to apply for and receive passports.

We have visited the following countries…

Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Botswana, England, and France.  When we were in a small boat crossing over to reach Botswana, we were told we were actually in Zimbabwe and Namibia at the same time.  No stamp on our passports to prove as such.  🙂

The husband lost his salary, insurance, and all other benefits.

The husband now depends on support from friends and family for ALL of his salary.

Momma started teaching full time at a public school.  Yes, that was how the Lord provided insurance, benefits, a steady income, etc.

The children said good-bye to a private education to embark on their public school education.

We have spent five summers in Zambia serving the vulnerable children there.

Daddy drives over an hour to work every day.  It is nice that he is out of the country 3-4 months per year and does not have to make the miserable drive across Dallas.  Of course the husband NEVER complains.

We came very very very close to packing up all of our belongings and moving to Zambia.

The first house we owned sat on the market for just shy of 12 months.

That house finally sold and we bought a lovely newly remodeled home one block from my parents’ home.

Two of our children became teenagers.

The husband was in a scary wreck that flipped and totaled his car.  How thankful we were to HAVE TO BUY a new car.  I attempted to complain but just couldn’t!

My hair has gone from short to shorter to long to longer.

The two oldest children now wear braces on their teeth.

I no longer have to bathe, help brush teeth, or dress any of our children.

Conversations with the children are meaningful and pleasant.

Crying, whining, and tantrums have basically disappeared.  Well, for the children at least! 🙂

All three children are independent in so many ways.

The Lad is less than 6 months from being able to drive!

Our children are still in the midst of growing into Godly young people.

Although my children have grown and changed rapidly, my love for them has continued to grow.

The husband and I have fallen more deeply in love.  These past five years have brought on so many challenges and adventures that have definitely deepened our relationship.



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