Daily Archives: January 29th, 2014

Have I mentioned…

that I am happy to have this man home?!!?!?   I love that he is sitting next to me. I love that he is smiling while reading my writings. Of course he smiles at everything!         Advertisements

Basketball Season

My number 15.  I love this teenager!  I LOVE watching her play.  I LOVE basketball. I LOVE watching this gal play basketball! I also love her crazy teammates… This is Pumpkin’s friend who looks quite a bit like her.  We tend to take back shots of them together.  Just something we do……

Smiling is my favorite!

I often look at my beloved husband and am convinced that he wrote the line from one our favorite movies, “Elf.”   “Smiling is my Favorite!”   After 17 years of marriage, I must admit that my husband pretty much smiles 100% of the time.  He even smiles in his sleep!  No kidding!!!   I […]

Spiritual Markers

On Saturday I was blessed to spend THREE hours with a young friend.  Who knew breakfast could take so long? It was greatness. Our conversation jumped all over the place (welcome to my world) but so much of the talk landed under the topic of “Spiritual Markers.” As I sat there aiming to encourage and […]