Smiling is my favorite!

I often look at my beloved husband and am convinced that he wrote the line from one our favorite movies, “Elf.”  

“Smiling is my Favorite!”  

After 17 years of marriage, I must admit that my husband pretty much smiles 100% of the time.  He even smiles in his sleep!  No kidding!!!  

I asked him tonight if he has to fake it or does he just like to smile.  

He smiled bigger.  

He is that amazing.  

I am not sure how the smile could get bigger.  

Smiling is contagious but sometimes I allow myself to become immune to it.  Every time the husband is out of the country, I realize how much I rely on that big goofy grin.  I smile just thinking about him smiling!  

I love how the smile lights up his face.  I love brightness in his eyes.  I love that the smile means he is happy.  Content.  He is mine.  

Have you shared many smiles today? 



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