Spiritual Markers

On Saturday I was blessed to spend THREE hours with a young friend.  Who knew breakfast could take so long?

It was greatness.

Our conversation jumped all over the place (welcome to my world) but so much of the talk landed under the topic of “Spiritual Markers.”

As I sat there aiming to encourage and mentor this precious precious gal, bits and pieces of my story popped up.

Yep, I am selfish like that! 🙂

In all sincerity, I believe in using my experiences, the ugly and the beautiful, to encourage others.

In the midst of walking down memory lane, I realized I was focusing on the bits of my life that made a mark in my journey, especially my spiritual journey.

Obviously MAJOR events such as graduations, marriage, births, deaths, sickness, etc. play HUGE parts in my story.  They have marked my heart and directed the course of my life in many ways.

Smaller things that aren’t so blatantly apparent have had quite the impact on who I am, who I was and who I am daily becoming.

The ugly!

Speech Impairment.  I was the  only child who could walk in my class designed for physically disabled children.  PPCD was what that class was (a bit of a different name 38 years later).  PPCD is what I now invest in on a daily basis.  It is my calling.  It is my job.  Mom tells stories of how I connected with more of the severe children in that program.  I was the one who coaxed a quiet, insecure lad out from under the table.  I was the one who ran around the room meeting everyones needs.  My heart was being formed.

I understood.

I was heading to Baylor my freshman year.  I ended up at a very small Baptist University, Howard Payne.  How did that happen?  It helps to actually apply to Baylor if one desires to be admitted! 🙂  That first year molded me to be independent and ready to tackle my beloved Baylor the following year.

My son has very mild Asperger’s Syndrome.  Imagine my dismay when Dr. Dobson’s strong willed child techniques did not work on him. I am better for it.  I love being his mom.  Not saying I always liked him but I am thankful for the surprise journey he has taken me on.

Being a working mom was not in MY plan.  I was NEVER NEVER NEVER going to be a working mom.  The horror!  I dread admitting that now I see how the discipline and organization betters me in so many ways.  It is the way I have had to learn to push through and just do my best even when I think I despise it.  Who was I to question the way the Lord would provide for us when the husband lost his income!?!?! Really?  I had to actually go to work!??!!?!?

I could list various situations!The heartbroken little college gal thinking she found the man of her dreams.

The LONG delay in my confession of love for the husband.  What would life be if we had married earlier?

Surprise!  Your pregnant 9 months after marriage.

Surprise!  Your son is 6 months old and you are pregnant again.

Basement living.

No job for the husband.

Living in a far off land…..well, Maryland to be exact.  It was a strange place.

The people who took us in as part of their community group.  They made the Land of Mary feel a tiny bit like home.

Living in a wee little house with our growing family.  I am a believer that “lots of love grows in little houses!”  It also taught me to be organized, which I am so naturally NOT.

I adore my Lord.  I am thankful He is in control.  There are things I do not understand.  Most of the time I accept HIS peace that surpasses all understanding!

At breakfast on Saturday, I had such fun putting the pieces of my life together to see the beauty of where HE has me right now.  I am thrilled to witness my children being formed into adults who will love and serve our Lord with ultimate gladness.



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