Monthly Archives: January 2014

Top Ten

Top ten things about this week… 1.  My parents’ willingness to watch my children while I get away to scrapbook for three days. 2.  Skyping (well, just instant messaging) my man. 3.  An actual 14 minute conversation with the hubby via Skype yesterday.  14 minutes of hearing his voice!!! 4.  The happy attitudes of my […]

No direction

I lack direction of my writings this year. Know what that means? Randomness!!! I keep finding myself ending the day listing a few gifts in my mind. I guess that is a good thing!  That fact actually thrills me!  Sometimes I am naturally seeking and naming my gifts. JOY! I feel a list coming on, […]

A few of my reads this morning….

Focusing on my marriage (even across the ocean)… I still have a lot of work to do with the manners! Not doing too bad yet but the teen years around here are still young!  

New Year. New Things

It is indeed a new year and yes indeed there will be new things! The new calendar has been hung with care. I am keenly aware of some new things brewing in my world and obviously oblivious to others. I refuse to make resolutions. I have desires. I have a need for change. I have […]


  We might live fairly close to my brother’s family but it is rare to find all eight cousins together.  What a crew!    This is the Knight Clan!          

Happy Birthday Jesus!

        Our Christmas Eve plans were a bit different this year so we ran with the opportunity and had a grand time with folks we don’t typically spend Christmas Eve with. We had our traditional tamale dinner and birthday cake for Jesus.  Aunt EJ even played “Happy Birthday” on our piano.  It […]

Christmas Piano Recital

          Our youngest, Little Miss, has been taking piano lessons from a talented, Miss Magen, for almost a year.  We are very pleased with her progress.  She especially does well when she practices.  🙂 We were able to attend the Christmas Recital a few days before Christmas.  It was at a […]