Monthly Archives: February 2014

8th grader, dance, and growing up way too fast….

Pumpkin was invited to join her sweet friend, KK, in preparation fun.  VERY kind gesture!  THANKS to her family! I can’t wait to hear all about the fun at the dance!  What fun memories being made!!!  


Have you been watching the Olympics? We have enjoyed the freedom of watching bits and pieces as we please thanks to our DVR. A first for me?  Watching curling.  I was fascinated with the shoes.  My son was quite appalled that I resorted to looking up all sorts of things about the sport.  Did I […]

Just a bit of random…

We had early release at school today so the instructional staff could attend STARR Training.  Oh standardized testing how I love thee!  Not really.  I am grateful that I do not teach a testing grade.  I am also grateful for all of the educators who do teach testing grades. The sun came out today. My […]

Winter in Texas

Little Miss and two of our neighbor boys enjoyed some time out in the snow last week.  Our schools released 2 hours early on Thursday and ended up completely canceling on Friday.  Unfortunately Daddy went into work.  Thankfully the roads were not too bad and the husband made it there and back quickly and with […]