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We had early release at school today so the instructional staff could attend STARR Training.  Oh standardized testing how I love thee!  Not really.  I am grateful that I do not teach a testing grade.  I am also grateful for all of the educators who do teach testing grades.

The sun came out today.

My new student has had three happy days.  I am seeing small bits of progress and am excited about his personal potential.

Little Miss made zucchini shrimp bites out of the stir fry I served for dinner tonight.  Crazy gal.

Played combat UNO with the fam tonight.  We laughed a lot.

I love time with them!

Lately I have come across several articles and videos about modesty and teenagers.  I am feeling compelled to assure that I am being a good example and teacher for her.   I am on the hunt for guidance in building her up and teaching her of being pure in every single form.  She has done nothing to cause fear or doubt that she will not choose wisely when it comes to modesty and purity.  Well, except for the fact that she is a female teenager.

My exercise routine is remaining steady and I find it a true habit now.  If only I could make eating completely clean a true habit!!!  I am a lover of food.  It is a curse.

I received my flight schedule for both my trips to and from Zambia.  I am THRILLED to announce that my mother-in-law will join me for the quick trip in April to set up my new commercial kitchen and organize the food for the summer.  The children and I will go again the day school gets out in June.  I am excited to be planning TWO trips.

This weekend my mother started to clean out her file cabinet.  She found all sorts of goodies.  My favorites include my wedding file and printed copies of all the emails we sent her when I was a young momma.  The first email was actually announcing the birth of our firstborn!  It was fun reading my thoughts and activities of those early days of motherhood.

It has been way difficult to wake up on these cold mornings.

Pumpkin is chomping at the bit to buy a dress for the 7th/8th grade dance coming up soon.

Basketball season is over and track season is upon us.



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