Have you been watching the Olympics?

We have enjoyed the freedom of watching bits and pieces as we please thanks to our DVR.

A first for me?  Watching curling.  I was fascinated with the shoes.  My son was quite appalled that I resorted to looking up all sorts of things about the sport.  Did I mention I was quite interested in the shoes?

Shooting range a part of the biathlon in the Winter Olympics?  I must confess I was not aware of that.  I guess I was unaware that there was any sort of biathlon in the Winter Olympics.  I am watching it as I type.  I am learning so much this year.  My memories of the winter games pretty much consist of the Russians figure skating.

I feel so horrible for ANY and ALL of the athletes that have some sort of catastrophe in their event.

I love reading the names of the athletes from other countries.

Much to my husband’s dismay, I never knew Sochi existed.  And yes, I have even been to Russia.

How many photographers can you cram into one space?  I giggled when I caught a glimpse of 100 plus lenses peeking out from a sea of coats.

My children were quite interested in the numerous languages going on at the same time during the curling matches.

Snowboarding.  I was raving over how the athletes could even steer themselves into the stand (or whatever they call that place they stand and wait for their score) and stop on command.  For this uncoordinated gal,  that appears to be quite the accomplishment!

I am interested in all of the sibling/family connections in the olympics.

Luge?  Wow!  90mph.  I would surely puke.

I love spotting the American flags on our athletes.

I am amused that I have shown this much interest in things happening in Sochi.

I hope my children will take away a few lessons from the games.  Never give up.  Get up, keep going.  Take responsibility for your performance.  Speak respectfully of your opponents.  Mentioning over and over that hard work is key.  Being proud of your personal performance.  I could go on and on.

So….that is my very uneducated commentary on the Winter Olympics 2014.

You are welcome.


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