Monthly Archives: March 2014

a little snooze

I curled up in bed along with Little Miss, the two dogs, and the husband and snoozed this afternoon.  I snoozed in the middle of the day!!!  That never ever happens!!! I snoozed! Granted, it was for five minutes but a snooze is a snooze. The snooze was brief but the cuddling lasted a while. […]

Taking a Break

We are taking a break from our daily routines, being home, and attending school. The first part of Spring Break was extremely low-key with the exception of the three hour wait at the Passport office with all three kiddos.  I had no choice to take them.  We were there b/c it has been five years […]


Little Miss amazes me in a variety of ways.  She is athletic, smart, musical, and just FUN!  She rarely lacks energy and is typically willing to accept adventure.  Today we were watching a recording of “The Amazing Race.”  I could read her emotions as she watched the teams compete in daring water adventures.  I asked […]

She caught my eye tonight….

We call her Gran

            We celebrated the life of this beautiful lady tonight. She is my mother-in-law.  My husband’s mother.  My children’s grandmother. We all call her Gran.  I often look at her and think that she should be called Grand.  She is that GRAND!   She is amazing!  Of course the greatest […]

Yesterday my heart was overflowing with gratitude for the moments I have with the ones I love. Opening my thankfulness flood gates felt so refreshing.  Felt so so so so good.  So right!  Like I was created to praise the Creator.  🙂 I was poking around A Holy Experience blog again today and stumbled upon […]

Gift Catcher

Tonight as my husband dashed out in the cold (yep, down in the teens here in Texas again) to check on our finicky hot water heater, I noticed he had slipped a headlamp around his head. At that same moment I was feeling so overwhelmed by the goodness in my life.  Goodness JUST FROM TODAY! […]