Yesterday my heart was overflowing with gratitude for the moments I have with the ones I love.

Opening my thankfulness flood gates felt so refreshing.  Felt so so so so good.  So right!  Like I was created to praise the Creator.  🙂

I was poking around A Holy Experience blog again today and stumbled upon the March Joy Dare for March.

I decided to dive back into giving thanks publicly.

Gifts worn

-My wedding band!  It symbolizes that I am one with an amazing man.

-A smile!  Today my lesson was on all the muscles in our bodies (condensed version of course for four year olds).  We practiced smiling then frowning using muscles.  Smiling certainly feels better!

-Long hair!  I am grateful that my hair is semi-healthy and long.  🙂

Gifts Hard to Give Thanks For

-Times of separation from the husband.  I HATE HATE HATE being apart from my man!  I have to confess that even though I loathe being apart for long periods of time, I am always strengthened and renewed a bit spiritually.  I become a better woman.  A better wife.  A better mom.  After being better at those things, I am just BETTER when he returns!

-My job.  My intent is not to open up this topic in a negative manner.  NOT AT ALL!!!  It has taken me five years to truly view my role as a working mom as a gift.  It somehow makes me stronger, more disciplined, and more grateful for my role as momma.  I would certainly welcome being a full time Mom as a lovely gift but I have accepted my lot and strive to find joy in the situation.








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