Taking a Break

We are taking a break from our daily routines, being home, and attending school.

The first part of Spring Break was extremely low-key with the exception of the three hour wait at the Passport office with all three kiddos.  I had no choice to take them.  We were there b/c it has been five years since we originally applied for their passports.  FIVE YEARS!!!  I am so in shock.  I am also in shock over the pages and pages filled with stamps from various countries our children have traveled.   I assumed that the state department would keep the old passports but I was informed that they would mail the new AND old passports to our home.  Yay!  I am tickled that our children will have a record of where they have visited.

Now we are spending a long weekend in Amarillo hanging with Aunt EJ and Uncle Lynn.  We are catching up on reading, iphone games, playing games, and spending time with our sweet loved ones.  The indoor pool is entertaining as well!

For our Knightly family, Spring Break marks the starting line for a rather long marathon of spring/summer events.  April and May are busy, busy times for families with school-aged children.  Our fam adds preparing for the summer in a foreign country so you can easily witness bedlam.

Both girls are on tournament leagues for basketball, occupying most of our weekends.  I am making a very quick trip to Zambia the end of April to set up the commercial kitchen I will be using during the summer.  I will be meeting with the manager of our new lodge and unloading my food and kitchen items from the containers.  Shortly after I return, the husband will head out for his 13 weeks abroad.  The children and I will join him about 2 1/2 weeks later.  Ending the school year for meas a teacher  involves many things. For our family, May will be filled with concerts, parties, projects, etc, etc.  While these are all very exciting events, we find ourselves easily exhausted, knowing that when that final school bell rings in June, we don’t get a break but are forced to find more momentum to complete the jobs set before us in Zambia. Weariness is a constant battle!

So….we are enjoying a pause in the dailies before the storms come.  We are very expectant of what the Lord is doing this spring and summer.  What an honor to be a part of it.


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