From the other side….

Once again, we are on the other side of the world.  The children and I joined Dad here in Zambia exactly two weeks ago from today.  Internet access is very limited so add that excuse to my many other excuses for not blogging….

A few things to note while I am on the internet for a few precious moments…

1.  Today is my 43rd birthday.  43?  I don’t feel that old.  I am so thankful for the full life I have been given thus far.  Yesterday as I was thinking about being one year older, I was thanking God that both of my parents are still alive and a very active part of my life.  True, they gave me life but they also gave me a life full of serving and loving the Lord.  I am grateful for so many things that they gave me such as education, encouragement, Christ-centered home, and even a stinky brother!!!

2.  Although the lack of internet is a huge source of frustration, I must admit that it is nice not to have it at my fingertips at all times.

3.  Due to the lack of electronics (how my son refers to the T.V., computer, phone, etc), my children are experiencing new things.  They are playing!  I love it!

4.  Winter has arrived in Zambia.  It was rather cool yesterday and very very windy.  I walked from the big kitchen (where I cook) back to my villa yesterday morning and had a mouth full of dirt.  It was disgusting!!!

5.  I have an actual kitchen staff this year that does the HUGE majority of the work. It is lovely but I am still figuring out how I fit into the picture.  Managing is what I mainly do along with some baking.

6.  Getting to know my staff and learning about the Zambian culture is one of my favorite aspects of living here during the summers.

7.  Little Miss somehow ended up with the microphone on Wednesday afternoon after the children left camp.  She sang a song in the native tongue in front of all of the Zambian staff and American volunteers.   I missed it but heard reports that she was AMAZING!  Even the Zambians were impressed.

8.  I also heard reports that my girls have been doing basketball drills with some of the Zambian boys.  The girls are suppose to be working out everyday but have not made it a certain routine yet.  We have been in limbo a bit but I am hopeful they are on a roll now.

9.  I am thankful that I have full access to a car this year.  We have lovingly named it “The Beast” but are so happy to have it.  The husband has also been given a four wheeler.  I love glancing out of my kitchen window and seeing him take off on the dirt road with dust trailing him.

10.  The new construction going on up here on the ministry’s property is AMAZING and beautiful!!!  The views are amazing, esp from our back porch.

11.  We are starting week 4 of Camp Life.  So many PRECIOUS children are being ministered to.  I can’t wait to hear that ALL of the children that attend camp this summer will become sponsored!!!

12.  I have laundry at my house this year!!!  Oh happy day!!!

13.  I have had internet for over thirty minutes now.  Happy Birthday to me!!!

14.  We are preparing to attend church with the children that live at our Tree of Life Village.  Always fun!!!

15.  I have a grand oven up in the kitchen that can bake SEVEN trays of cookies.  My life is forever changed!!!  In years past, it took me 5-6 hours to prepare cookies for all of the Americans on Saturdays.  Now I am done in less than 1 1/2 hours!!!  Baking my rolls, cornbread, and brownies is a breeze as well.  Having a staff clean up after me is divine as well!



Thank you for your support via prayers while we are here in Zambia.  We are also thankful for your support year round!  My husband LOVES being a part of this ministry full time and the children and I love jumping in every summer.  So blessed!!!  If you would like to know more about the ministry and how you can sponsor children for $44 a month OR support us (paying my husband’s salary so more funds can go to the children), please visit

Happy Sunday from this side of the world!!!



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