Just a few things…

On this side of the world:  

1.  Our countdown to leave this beautiful country is dwindling, much to our dismay.  We will be back in the states in about two weeks.  

2.  I am embracing and cherishing the very cool evenings and mornings here.  Makes drinking coffee taste even better! 

3.  I find myself admiring my husband more and more while I witness him in action here in Africa.  He is AMAZING.  He works long hours and so very selflessly.  I have found myself struggling to accept lack of recognition for all he does but it doesn’t phase him AT ALL!!! I admire him even more because of it.  So pure and blameless!  I am his biggest fan! I wish I was more like him.  

4.  The Lord has put several young ladies in our home with us this summer.  I am so very blessed by their friendships.  

5.  Our son is happy this summer.  He was anticipating a dreadful summer.  

6.  Our second born has lived with her buddy, Kaleigh, all summer.  We see her quite a bit b/c their villa is nearby but I still miss being a family 24/7. 

7. I have a duo that cleans my house three times a week.  I lovingly call these two young women Mary Poppins.  They are precious and smile the ENTIRE time they are cleaning.  

8.  Little Miss is doing camp this week.  Unfortunately, she has been feeling a bit puny this week.  

9.  I have been able to sneak down to the village and see our little Mary a few times.  What a joy to witness her simply being a toddler!  I stand in AWE everyday what the Lord has built to “hold” and “cherish” these precious babes.  

10.  Have I mentioned how proud I am of my husband’s commitment to his calling to serve these orphans?  He is sooooo selfless AND just flat out GOOD at what he does.  

On the other side of the world: 

1.  My mom had her second knee replaced yesterday. Her decision to get it replaced was made after I arrived here.  She was planning on going to the doctor in June and scheduling a surgery for the fall but a surprise date popped up on the doctor’s schedule and she jumped at it.  I am so very proud of her for going through with it.  Of course it pained me to not be there but I know she has a army of folks loving on her.  

2.  I started thinking about going back to work.  My breathing about stopped.  I guess it is hard to think about shifting my thoughts and duties while I am here.  I need to pop the question, “how many children are on my roll now?”  I am a big fat chicken. 

3.  We have a sweet family house sitting our house while we are away.  I wish we could allow them stay longer.  They are putting up with our insane dog!!!  


There is more needing to be shared and pictures to post but the evening is ending and I must wrap things up on the computer.  



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