First day of school! (they hope)

Three kids

Little Miss

Little Miss (not so little any more)


Pumpkin (gorgeous?!)


The Lad

The Lad (soon to be known as The Man)


Pics from the first day!  These three wonderful kids started school on Monday (along with most of the rest of Texas) and although they were not thrilled about returning, they have had good attitudes (and so has Mom), and the first week went very smoothly.  Although they may be wishing for summer to stay, they are off to another great school year at Sunnyvale Middle School and Sunnyvale High School.   No matter how they may feel about their summer coming to an end, they do understand how BLESSED they are to even BE in school – when so many children around the world can only dream of going.  This is definitely the case in Zambia where school is not a requirement but a privilege – for those who can afford it.  Sadly, many cannot . . .

Gloria Gloria with Pumpkin

Children like Gloria, a 9-year-old girl from Pumpkin’s group at Camp LIFE who lives with her aunt, uncle, and cousins.  They are mean to her, she says, and she wishes she could join her other siblings in the countryside where they live.  However, an education would be nearly impossible if she moved back with them . . .

Memory Memory with Little Miss

Or Memory, a 7-year-old girl from Little Miss’ camp group who lives with her mom in a one-roomed house.  Memory’s father passed away, and her mother depends on support from others in order to survive.  School is beyond their means.  Although Memory is sometimes beaten by her mother, what really pains her is the fact that she is not in school . . .

You can make sure that Gloria or Memory or another child like them is able to go to school next year by sponsoring one for $44 per month (with a $95 enrollment fee).  Click here to see a list of our kids and the children who need sponsorship.  Sponsorship provides education, discipleship, and a hot meal each day.  It is literally life-changing for children whose future is bleak.

To learn more about the Father’s Heart Sponsorship Program of Family Legacy Missions, click here.  Or send an email to for more information.  Thank you for considering sponsoring one of these beautiful children!




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