Our new adventure

When I wrote my last post 5 months earlier, my husband and I were at the very beginning of an adventure.
We were so new into it, we were not certain of the possibility of it actually coming to be. We were still at the stage of asking, “Lord, is this really the path?”
That question was asked often in the beginning.
Others often asked us another question:
If you know us then you will automatically answer yes.
Yes, we are crazy!
But why not? And who defines “crazy” anyways!
After three years of this journey being heavy on our hearts, we came to the conclusion that we would be crazy NOT to follow the Lord’s calling on our lives.
But of course we thought how crazy it might seem to add this on top of our yearly summer stays and mission in Africa, momma working full time, and having three growing and active teens and preteens.
So….we are most certainly very crazy.

Apparently we are crazy in love with children. Our hearts long to heal hurting children and teach and nurture them. That statement might explain why I teach children with special needs and my hubby raises financial support to be able to minister to orphans and vulnerable children of Zambia.

This summer in Africa a longing to consistently love and nurture a wee one grew stronger and stronger with each Zambian hug. Of course the thought of moving to Zambia kept popping in our minds.
But that wasn’t it!

What was it!?!?!

We live in the USA for over 9 months each year. How can we keep our crazy love going? How can we serve the “least of these” while we do life comfortably in the USA?

Our answer came to us on the Tuesday after Christmas in the form of an 8 month old little boy.

Little Man has kicked our fostering journey off with such a delightful BANG.
Our hearts are overflowing with joy that we have been given this little one to love and tend to.
It was a long and tedious road arriving to being fully licensed to accept children into our home.

People ask us often how things are going.
Things are definitely different.

I have been introduced to daycare (I did not work when my bio kids were little).
I have revisited the wee hours of the morning a little more than I would like.
I have learned what an attorney at litem is.
I now know what a CASA is.
I have learned a lot about CPS.
I now deal with medicaid.
I meet people who foster or have fostered everywhere I go.
I cut food into teeny tiny pieces.
I rush out of work as quick as I can to fetch our little man.
I peruse the baby aisles of Target on a regular basis.
I watch our three older children do silly stunts to make our little man smile.
I see the love on my husband’s face as he gently tends to the babe.
I witness our family work together and show great concern for a little life.
I find myself happily on the floor while the babe climbs on my like I was a jungle gym.
I just might not get to go to Africa this summer and I am okay with that.
I find JOY in mothering a young child again.
I love that I have teenagers and a babe in my life at the same time.
I am honored that yet again, the Lord has chosen ME to be a apart of an amazing journey.

I have learned that being obedient to the Lord can seem crazy but so very worth it.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted February 24, 2015 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    i always pictured you doing this, so it fills my heart with joy, as well. Love and miss you both!

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