Just a few things….

I will refer back to a handy dandy list of what is going on. Not that you care….but one day I will so here it goes….

1. Basketball has been a huge part of our life and schedule the past few months. The season went extra long for us because the varsity team are the Class 3A STATE CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a fun ride it has been!
Our daughter played on JV as a freshman this year and was moved up to varsity for the playoffs. It was a mighty privilege for my daughter to be a part of an amazing team of girls. The coaching staff is INCREDIBLE! I knew that previously but hearing first hand from Pumpkin, has me in awe of the coaches placed in her life. I am so very very very grateful! My daughter’s character has been coached as well as her athletic skills.
I am so very proud of the girls who led the team to victory. I am eve more proud that my daughter has had several senior role models.

2. Our precious foster baby brings us amazing joy. We know the possibility of him being reunified with his mother is huge. That fact can cause me anxiety but I am really focusing on the NOW and soaking in the blessings of loving little man while I can.

3. Our summer plans are in the midst of being finalized. It looks like for the first time in six years I will not be going to Zambia. It breaks my heart. It also breaks my heart to think about leaving little man for two weeks while I travel a million miles from home. This has been a very hard decision. Two facts have remained true and are driving our decision- 1. The husband has to spend about two months in Zambia this summer. 2. Little man cannot travel overseas with us.
We have had to figure out how to make the best of these to situations combined.

4. This week is Spring Break. The Lad, Little Man, and I have just hung out together while the daddy goes to work and the girls have spent the week in Branson.

5. Tonight is date night!!! A fellow foster mom is keeping Little Man overnight. The Lad will hang with his Gran. This is the first night away from Little Man. 😦

6. We joined the Dallas Zoo again today. It has been a while! We are trying to get back in the swing of having a wee one and finding cheap and fun activities to do. Looking forward to revisiting the library this summer.

7. We have had quite the crazy winter weather experience the past few weeks. Three days off from school! Crazy Texas weather! I had resolved to the fact that we would not have much of a winter this year then the end of February arrived….

8. We had an unexpected vacation in San Antonio last weekend while we attended the State Basketball Tournament. Our whole family was there….my in laws, my folks, my brother and his family. What fun!!!


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