Monthly Archives: June 2016


I spent the last two days in a Pre-K training and was privileged to meet a new friend.  I quickly discovered that she was of the muslim faith and therefore was fasting during this Ramadan season.  After our conversation about fasting and the meaning of it, I pulled up my email and found an email […]

Traveling Companion

My husband is my favorite traveling companion. As we entered the traveling season, I was reminded of all the plane rides and destinations we have shared together (with and without the children). A little background knowledge to understand the text a bit better: After graduating from The George Washington University up in Washington DC, my […]


The past few years when I have put my husband on a plane to head to Africa for an extended period of time, I have prepared a set of “happies” for him to enjoy while we were separated. ***Happies is my mother’s term for little things that make someone you love feel HAPPY!  It can […]


I was asked recently why we foster.  I found it interesting that I paused before answering her question.  I realized that people inquire about our journey often but rarely want to know if there was a specific reason and/or event that persuaded us to jump into this crazy world of fostering. So why? Why not?  That […]