Traveling Companion

My husband is my favorite traveling companion.

As we entered the traveling season, I was reminded of all the plane rides and destinations we have shared together (with and without the children).

A little background knowledge to understand the text a bit better:

After graduating from The George Washington University up in Washington DC, my husband struggled to settle into a career.  We were young and had two children very quickly.  Things were NOT going as planned! We made many plane trips back and forth from Maryland (we live outside of DC) to Dallas to visit family.

The Christmas after our firstborn arrived we flew home for the holidays. Due to my husband’s work schedule (he was doing temporary work ) we had to fly back to Maryland the day after Christmas.  We were flying back to NO HOME.

Long story short…we had given notice on our lease in October b/c we felt called to be a part of a ministry in Dallas.  I had quit my teaching job in Montgomery County to be a stay at home mom, much to my delight!  After a few weeks of planning to move back home to Texas, we were convicted that it wasn’t the right move/ministry for us at that time.  The problem with this scenario was that neither one of us had a job.  No job, no lease. There was no turning back to living in our precious little first “home” together.

I was devastated. We packed up our belongings and stored them into a very generous family’s basement.  We moved a few necessary items into a basement of another family and arranged to sleep there when we returned after Christmas.

We then flew “home” to Texas. Christmas with the family wiped away some of the pain of knowing things back in Maryland were not so great. My parents drove us to the airport on that 26th day of December. I am certain my dad had to give me a kick in my rear end and give me a look that said, “GO! You are his wife!”

I sat on that plane holding our 4 month old son crying crocodile tears.

That, my friends, was one plane ride I will never forget.  It was then I knew I was in this marriage for better or for worse.  Even in the worse times, I was next to him.  We were on this journey of life together. I was traveling with him!

I shared some of these memories with the husband and I loved his reply.

We have traveled quite a bit in our married life!  Overseas, Maryland to Dallas and back, Disneyworld with your family, and all the other flights you mentioned.  Usually those were taking us somewhere we were excited about going, but sometimes not . . .

I am thinking of that flight from Dallas to Maryland in December 1998 – coming back to a situation that none of us were happy to be in. Yes, we were happy to have friends who would provide us a home when we needed one, but we were not happy to be in the position of needing one – and not having one.  Tough on the ego, tough on the marriage. Just tough.  Yet in the midst of the months to follow and all of the agonizing waiting, indecision, house moves, babies :), and everything else that ensued, your commitment to be remained firm – tested in a way that I would not have planned or anticipated or wanted, but tested nonetheless.  You got a taste of the “or worse” part of our vows in a way that I regret – only to the extent that it may have been different if I had been different. But through it all, God was making me different and making me into the man and the husband He wanted me to be – and that I wanted to be.  It has been a long time in the making :), and He is definitely not finished with me yet, but it is encouraging to see where He has brought me since those tough times.

Unfortunately, there is not a plane in the world that can take someone from immaturity to maturity – it is a road trip that is long, steep, convoluted, and a bit confusing at times.  But along the way God provides lookout points where we can look back and see how far He has taken us.

So thank you for “flying” with me (walking, actually) on this journey of life.  As we’ve picked up more passengers along the way, the journey has only become that much sweeter.  So glad to have a traveling companion in you!

I have the best traveling companion!


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