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I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher. I love all three. I also love the Lord. I serve a mighty Lord and am striving to find JOY in every moment of this life I have been given.


an act of ending something the act of making a person leave a job : the act of firing or dismissing someone For a word not to be used often in my daily language, this word all of a sudden has TREMENDOUS meaning in my life. Our precious foster son’s parents lost their parental rights […]


I spent the last two days in a Pre-K training and was privileged to meet a new friend.  I quickly discovered that she was of the muslim faith and therefore was fasting during this Ramadan season.  After our conversation about fasting and the meaning of it, I pulled up my email and found an email […]

Traveling Companion

My husband is my favorite traveling companion. As we entered the traveling season, I was reminded of all the plane rides and destinations we have shared together (with and without the children). A little background knowledge to understand the text a bit better: After graduating from The George Washington University up in Washington DC, my […]


The past few years when I have put my husband on a plane to head to Africa for an extended period of time, I have prepared a set of “happies” for him to enjoy while we were separated. ***Happies is my mother’s term for little things that make someone you love feel HAPPY!  It can […]


I was asked recently why we foster.  I found it interesting that I paused before answering her question.  I realized that people inquire about our journey often but rarely want to know if there was a specific reason and/or event that persuaded us to jump into this crazy world of fostering. So why? Why not?  That […]


Change is inevitable. Change is part of this human life. Change is good. Change is hard. Change can change a person. Obviously, my theme for this season in my life is CHANGE. So MUCH change! So much stinkin change!!! So much change and I just don’t know exactly what to do with it all. I […]

Just a few things….

I will refer back to a handy dandy list of what is going on. Not that you care….but one day I will so here it goes…. 1. Basketball has been a huge part of our life and schedule the past few months. The season went extra long for us because the varsity team are the […]

Keeping us busy…

        Watching these young ladies play twice per week since November has kept us very very busy.  I have had soooooo much fun going to every game and cheering on this team.  These gals have come soooo far.   They won district this year! Pumpkin has greatly enjoyed playing for Coach Softley […]

‘Tis better…

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson This is a quote I have held onto and quoted often since welcoming little man into our hearts and home. I hold him in my arms and listen to his giggles and catch myself wondering how I […]

Our new adventure

When I wrote my last post 5 months earlier, my husband and I were at the very beginning of an adventure. We were so new into it, we were not certain of the possibility of it actually coming to be. We were still at the stage of asking, “Lord, is this really the path?” That […]